Judgement from the Supreme Court


On the 4th of May 2016, the Supreme Court of Iceland issued a judgement in the dispute between SPB and the Asset Holding Company of the Central Bank of Iceland (AHC). The dispute concerns the claim of AHC no. 190 in SPB´s List of Claims, originally in the amount of ISK 200 billion but at the time of the final hearing before the court in the amount of ISK 165 billion.


The decision of the Court is that the claim is valid and as such the Court accepted it as a general claim in the winding-up proceedings of SPB in the amount of ISK 165 billion. Additionally, SPB was ordered to pay legal costs in the amount of ISK 2,5 m.


This decision of the Supreme Court is the final conclusion in the dispute and payments to creditors of SPB according to SPB´s composition will reflect the decision of the Court.


The Winding-up Board of SPB hf.


Tómas Jónsson hrl.

Berglind Svavarsdóttir hrl.