Supreme Court ruling in Bengt Kylén case

The Supreme Court of Iceland has now confirmed the ruling of the district court of Reykjavik that the claim of Bengt Kylén had not been submitted within the time limits of the winding-up proceedings of SPB and therefore rightly rejected by the Winding-up Board of SPB.

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Updated Creditors Report

The Winding-up Board of SPB has issued a new Creditors’ Report, which includes, inter alia, an updated financial information about the company’s balance sheet based on the SPB’s Financial Statement for 1Q 2014 .

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Supreme Court ruling on claim 191

The Supreme Court has confirmed the decision of the district court of Reykjavík regarding claim 191. The Asset Holding Company of the Central Bank of Iceland therefore owns a general claim against SPB in the amount of 2.738 billion ISK. This claim was lodged as a priority claim at the amount of nearly 11 billion ISK on the basis that SPB had not paid an adequate payment when the deposits of SPB were transferred to the Central Bank of Iceland, BYR savings bank and Arion banki (formerly new Kaupthing) in April 2009. .

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SPB hf. (formerly Icebank)

With a decision made on the 21st of March 2009, the Financial Supervisory Authority (FME) assumed the power of a shareholders meeting of SPB (formerly Icebank). On the 27th of March FME appointed a Resolution Committee for SPB, which has taken over all authority of the Board of Directors in accordance with the articles of Company Law - Act No. 2/1995 Respecting Public Limited Companies, in accordance with Article 100 a of the Act on Financial Undertakings.

Transfer of Claims

From 3 November 2009 if a creditor wishes.....

Creditors' Report


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